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    Organic Nut Sauce 100g

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    Bruschetta sauce180g

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    Organic cherry tomato sauce 330g

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Production and online sale of Ligurian walnut sauce and other delicious sauces

Our passion is to cook for our customers the best delicacies, created according to traditional family recipes and using the best ingredients of our land. That's why the Sommariva signature has become over time synonymous with quality and genuine taste. Starting from our precious oil, obtained from the best Italian and Ligurian olives, including Taggiasca and Leccino, up to the entire catalog of food products with it, such as pate, condiments and the inevitable sauces to accompany the best first courses and appetizers of the Italian culinary tradition.

From the rich recipe book of Ligurian cuisine, we have selected and prepared for you a great classic: our Walnut Sauce and Walnut Sauce BIO is all to try, perfect to accompany pasta dishes typical of Liguria, for example the classic pansoti. Do not miss the other condiments typical of the Italian culinary tradition: the simplest and most loved, the Tomato Sauce with Basil, and the Tomato Sauce Cherry BIO in a practical bottle, a great classic. Finally, for your appetizers or aperitifs, why not try our tasty Bruschetta Sauce? Excellent to keep at home for a snack or surprise guests.

You can find all our tasty and genuine sauces for sale online in our shop in convenient jars or glass bottles, perfect for storage.

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