Pesti creams and sauces

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    Organic Pesto Vegan - "without cheese" 100g

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    Cream of Wild Garlic Vegan 100g

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    Organic Vegan Cream of Parsley 100g

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A long history of production of pesto and other Ligurian delicacies

Liguria is our land and from it, enclosed between sea and hills, we draw the joy of sharing its most genuine flavors with all our customers. Based on our family history, which has its roots in time just like the tradition of oil in Western Liguria, we have chosen traditional recipes, those handed down from father to son in our family, to prepare delicious local specialties with the best Italian ingredients and, when possible, zero km. In our jars you will find love for our land and respect for nature, but also all the taste of genuine ingredients and carefully selected to give you a real gastronomic experience.

We have created a catalogue of delicacies to keep handy in the kitchen to dress pasta first courses or to taste on canapés and bruschettas: from classic pesto, with or without garlic, to vegan and bear garlic, you'll be spoiled for choice; moreover, on our online shop you'll find delicious spreads with traditional and unmistakable flavours. Finally, we could not miss the sauces, queens of Italian cuisine: season your first courses with all the flavor of tomato and olives Taggiasche or choose a touch of typical Ligurian with a tasty walnut sauce.

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