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    Tuna Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 190g

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    Tuna fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 770g

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Sale and production of anchovies and tuna in oil and other seafood preserves

Our beloved Liguria, rich and generous land between mountains and sea: and from the sea its products take some of the most beloved peculiarities. It is no coincidence that the typical regional cuisine puts in the foreground both the dishes of the land, fruit of hills and mountains, and those of the sea, which from the blue and pure waters of the Ligurian Sea are still fished as before.

Among these, Sommariva has chosen for you the most valuable, to bring to your table all the real taste simple but full of Ligurian cuisine: from this careful selection was born our offer of fine seafood preserves, ideal solution to have always at home all the taste of Ligurian fish.

As per our family's traditional recipe, we have prepared anchovy fillets to add to your dishes or to enjoy on a simple slice of bread: the classic anchovy fillets are immersed in our precious extra virgin olive oil, as well as the Sommariva jars of anchovy fillets and capers, perfect for an aperitif with a full and enveloping taste.

Then you will find the most loved fish of the Ligurian Sea in the traditional version: do not miss our salted anchovies, in a handy resealable glass jar. If you love delicate and tasty fish, the Sommariva catalogue does not lack the right product for you: our BIO tuna fillets combine the best of tuna with the genuineness of our BIO extra virgin olive oil, for a healthy and tasty product.

Finally, directly from the Italian culinary tradition, we have prepared for you the delicious chilli peppers stuffed with tuna cream and chilli peppers stuffed with anchovy and caper fillets, to be kept always at hand in the kitchen for a tasty snack and to amaze your guests!

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