The Carbon Trust foundation aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy.

The Sommariva Farm has obtained certification from this important and independent international body through rigorous checks and review of the entire production process.

CARBON TRUST STANDARD was conceived in 2008 in recognition of companies that stand out for their effective commitment and result in the real reduction of their carbon dioxide emissions.

Il CARBON TRUST STANDARD prevede parametri di riferimento oggettivi sui quali basare e valutare l’attività aziendale ed il suo impatto sull’ambiente e sul cambiamento climatico monitorandone l’andamento e la gestione al fine di ridurre in maniera attiva le proprie emissioni.

Queste strategie dimostrano l’impegno costante della Sommariva Tradizione Agricola nella riduzione delle emissioni di CO2 e i risultati che anno dopo anno deriveranno da questa missione.

For the Sommariva family, the organic sector and respect for the environment are one of their main missions and their commitment is reflected in the many healthy and tasty products they produce.
The great attention paid to the cultivation and production of all the raw materials of the Sommariva product line has been guaranteed for over 40 years by both the Bio certifications and the collaboration that Domenico Sommariva has established since 1972 with the body "Suolo e Salute", which increasingly plays an important role of control in the biological field, of which it was also one of the founders.
Today the company boasts more than 30 years of experience in the field of organic farming conducted in full compliance with regulations and with absolute control over the products, ingredients and process.

Our heart beats green because we live today thinking of those who live tomorrow. What we do today is what our children will find tomorrow and it is therefore appropriate to think about the best choices in order to conduct a productive activity compatible with the environment that surrounds us and with the least possible impact on it.

Download Organic documents:
Organic Certificate - Sommariva Farm
Organic Certificate Srl
Documento Giustificativo bio – Az. Agricola
Documento Giustificativo bio – Srl

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