Handmade Pasta

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  • Trofiette GenovesiAdd to cart

    "Trofie Genovesi" - wheat flour type "00" pasta 500g

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  • Trofiette Genovesi BIOAdd to cart

    "Trofie Genovesi Bio" - organic durum wheat semolina pasta 500g

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  • Trenette GenovesiAdd to cart

    "Trenette" - durum wheat semolina pasta 500g

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  • Foglie d'Ulivo agli spinaciAdd to cart

    "Foglie d'ulivo" - durum wheat semolina pasta 500g

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Sale of trofie for pesto and other types of Ligurian and Piedmontese artisanal pasta

Italian cuisine is known and loved all over the world for its tasty and always different dishes; an integral part of this tradition is that of first courses, in which - as any good Italian knows - the basis for the success of the recipe is the choice of the right type of pasta. Each regional dish goes perfectly with the local pasta: this is also the case for the typical Ligurian and Piedmontese recipes..

The Antico Frantoio Sommariva has selected for you the best varieties of zero km pasta: in our online shop you will find a small catalogue of delicious artisan pasta to match with the most famous dishes of Liguria and Lower Piedmont..

The unmissable Trofiette genovesi, also in the Trofiette BIOversion, to be tasted with the original Ligurian pesto for a concentration of goodness directly from the traditional cuisine. From the typical Ligurian specialties also come the famous Trenettealso to be combined with a good pesto, better if fresh, and the tasty Foglie di ulivo agli spinaci.

From the tradition of Lower Piedmonthowever, we have selected a variety of versatile pasta, among the most popular in the world: Tagliolini alla rucola and Tagliolini al tartufo await you in our online store, to bring to the table all the taste of freshly cooked regional pasta dishes.

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